The Dungeon Invasion Project – Start

We are excited to announce our website and blog’s grand opening! Yay! In this blog we will recount our experience on building a highly ambitious game. Why is it so ambitious? Because we know nothing. Not a single thing about making a game (well, we do know a bit of coding).

So what is this game? I like to summarize it as a twin stick bullet hell mobile game with player created dungeon crawling. Let’s expand a bit more on those. The core gameplay of the game is this: You will use two virtual joysticks, one for movement, and the other for aiming and shooting. You will run through other players dungeons with the purpose of killing their boss, while encountering countless enemies and traps which shoot a gazillion projectiles at you. Dodging is your main method of defense, and you will dodge a lot! As others build their dungeons, so do you. Choose between a mix of different dungeon rooms, to create your own layout, and then populate it with units and traps. All with their unique mechanic. No two dungeons will ever be the same. Customize your hero by combining¬†components such as projectiles, damage, attack speed, and other special effects(crowd control, bleed, multi shots, etc).

Now that that’s out of the way, we will focus on not only game design, but our overall journey including marketing, graphic design (lol we suck at this), music composition, what obstacles we encounter, and any interesting thing we find about. We will be using mainly Unity, Visual Studio, Amazon AWS,¬†Fruity Loops for music, Piskel and good ol’ GIMPo for art. We encourage discussions so we can all learn how this stuff works!

Good night, and good luck… hehe…

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