How to make a game #1. How I began development with no clue

Hello everyone,

I might’ve started this blog a little bit late in development but the good thing is I can always talk about the past. I actually starting developing my game, Dungeon Invasion, about four months ago, and wow have I learnt a lot. I’ll be making a series of posts in which I share my experience on beginning the development. I hope that if you are a newbie, as am I, in game development, you’ll learn a thing or two on how to make a game. Note that all in all, I’m an unknown internet dweller without a published game. That makes me a (/sarcastic) reputable source of information. In this particular post I’ll talk about my original thoughts on indie dev and how I began development.


It began with a game idea. Have you heard of a little game called Galaga? if yes, imagine Galaga, but as a multiplayer mobile game. It was a simple concept which has since evolved extraordinarily. I expected to have a small game published in about 1 month. The current game is not even remotely close to it’s original concept, but that’s okay. In my case, all I knew is that I wanted to get into indie game development and scratch that off my bucket list. As all entrepreneurs say, don’t be afraid of pivoting an idea. The ride has been so fun that I’ve decided to pursue this project fully. For more information about my actual game, visit my previous post and the rest of the site.


Game engines


I have to say that while I’m new to game development, I do know basic programming. I took a few courses while in college. What I’ve learned is that you don’t need to be an expert programmer to make a game, and anything else you need to learn, google will provide. The reason you don’t need hacking skills is the amount of resources and tools available to you. Most important, a game engine. The game engine handles so much technical load that, as chef Gusteau said: Everyone can make a game (paraphrased from “Ratatouille”). I spent several hours online just looking for the “best” free game engine. My top candidates were Game Maker and Unity. After much thought, I decided on Unity, admittedly because I thought it looked the best. I’ve had my up and downs with Unity, but I can’t express enough how much easier all of this has been thanks to it.

That all the time I have for now. Please tune into my following posts as well.


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